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10 Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln.

1- His Birth:

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12th February 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky USA in a poor family. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother’s name was Nancy Hanks. His mother died when Abraham was just 9 years old.

2- His Family:

He was married to Mary Tod and he had four children with her. Only his elder son Robert Tod Lincoln could survive while his other children were died in their early age.

3- His Girlfriend:

Before marrying to Mary Tod, Lincoln was in a relationship with Ann Rutledge. But unfortunately she died in 1835 due to fever or typhoid fever.

4- His Profession:

He had not taken much formal education but he had educated himself with his hard work. He was a lawyer, Legislator, and U.S Congressman from Illinois and lastly in 1861 he became the President of United States of America.

5- As a President:

He was the 16th President of United States of America. He is known around the world for his welfare works. He made a law and eradicated the slavery system from United States of America. He stopped the American Civil war peacefully.

6- His Assassination:

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on 14th April 1865 just few days after the closure of Civil War. Booth shot Abraham Lincoln’s in his head by a pistol in Ford’s theatre while he watching a play named “Our American cousin”. After his assassination, his body was kept in a special train named as Lincoln Special and the train move around the 7 states of United States of America to memorize the history of the Abraham Lincoln.

7- Attempt to steal the Burial body of Abraham Lincoln:

In November, 1876 a gang had planned to steal the burial body of Abraham Lincoln. A goon named James ‘Big Jim’ Kinealy from Chicago had tried to steal the burial body and planned to ask for a ransom of $ 200,000 and to freed one his Gang member named Ben Boyd.

8- Abraham Lincoln’s love for Cats:

Abraham Lincoln loved to pass his time with animal especially with cats. He had been gifted two kitten from William Seward a Secretary of state. He named them as Tabby and Dixie later. As per his friend Caleb Carman, once he told that his cat Dixie is smarter than his cabinet.

9- Tallest President:

Abraham Lincoln is the tallest President in America till now. His height was 6 feet and 4 inch. James Madison is the shortest president in American history with the height of 5 feet and 4 inch.

10- President of First’s:

He was the first president in American History to have beard. He was also the first president on whose name there is a patent. Abraham Lincoln’s patent number is 6469 for ‘Buoying Vessels over shoals’.

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