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10 Interesting Facts about Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

1- Who was Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi Politician and 5th president of the country. He was born on 28th April 1937 and his full name was Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti. He is better known for his dictatorship and brutal governance.

2- His Childhood:

His early life and childhood was not good as his father and a brother died before his birth due to the cancer disease. After his birth his mother Subha got married to Ibrahim al-Hassan who always behaved harshly with Saddam. Due to this Saddam fled away from his Stepfather home to Baghdad and started to live with his uncle Khairallah Talfah.

3- His family:

Saddam firstly married with his uncle’s daughter Sajida Talfah in 1963 and he had five children with her. Later he was married to Samira Shahbandar as second wife, Nidal al-Hamdani as third and Wafa Mullah Huwaysh as fourth wife.

4- Saddam and Ba’ath Party:

Saddam Hussein left his schooling to join the Ba’ath Party. He joined this party because of his Uncle and Father-in-law Khairallah Talfah was also the supporter of the party. He had started his political career as a Ba’ath Party active member.

5- Assassination Attempt of Iraqi Prime Minister:

After the end of Monarchy in Iraq through 14 July Revolution, Abd al-Karim Qasim became the Prime Minister of Iraq in 1958. All the members of Ba’ath party tried to make him join the United Arab Republic but he refused to do so. Due to this Saddam Hussein and other his fellow member planned to assassinate him and they fired on him but he escaped.

6- Exile in Egypt:

Due to his action on Iraqi Prime Minister, he had to leave the country. Firstly he spend few times in Syria and take necessary training under Ba’ath Party as Syria was the birthplace of the Party. In 1960, he went Egypt and spend his exile there for almost 3 years till 1963. He got engaged to his first wife Sajida Talfah there in Egypt during this period.

7- As President of Iraq:

Saddam Hussein was very clever he was aware to the political situation of Iraq. Al-Bakr was the President of Iraq in 1979 and he was very old and unable to perform his duties properly that’s why Saddam forced him to resign from the post of President and himself became the President of Iraq in 1979.

8- Assassination of his opponents:

After becoming the President of Iraq, Saddam never listened his opponents and most of his opponents were assassinated by him. One of his cabinet minister Dr. Riyadh Ibrahim were killed because he opposed Saddam’s policies against peace and suggest him to quit from his post. Later Ibrahim was arrested and killed. His mangled body were delivered to his wife.

9- Murder of more than 250000 People:

Later Saddam Hussein was accused for the murder of 250000 people directly and indirectly. He also used chemical weapon against his opponents. He hanged most of the senior leader of Ba’ath Party because they were against his plan and policies.

10- End of Saddam’s Era:

His rule of dictatorship were finally ruined after the invasion by US army on Iraq. Saddam was arrested by the US Army on 13th December 2003. He was trialled by Iraqi tribunal court and hanged at Camp Justice army base on 30th December 2006 on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha.

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