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10 Most Important/Surprising Facts about Lion:

1- Carnivores Animal:

The lions are carnivorous animal. It belongs to Felid group of animal. Male are known as Lion but females are known as lioness.

2- Habitat of Lions:

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Lions are wild animals. Generally they found in Africa and India. They are wild animals but love to live in open field grasslands and Savannas.

3- Social animal:

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Lions are social animal and they live in a group that is called as pride. A male lion lead the pride. A pride consists of 10 to 15 members.

4- Hunting is main source of their food:

Lion’s main source of food are meat of others animals but mainly lioness do hunting for food. Lion can eat up to 43-45 kg meat in a day while a lioness can eat up to 24-25 kg but an average they can eat 8-10 kg in a day.

5- No need of Water everyday:

photo by Newmark Hotels.

There is no need of water for the lion everyday but they need to have meat everyday for their life.

6- Communication skills of Lion:

Lions use different types of sound to communicate to their pride members such as roar, growl, grunt, moaning etc. Lions roar can be heard up to 5 km.

7- Lion’s Cub:

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Babies of lions are known as cub. The most important thing about cubs is that they are not able to watch anything till 2 or 3 weeks of their birth. Generally lioness care them from other wild animals until they are started to watch properly and follow the rules of their pride.  

8- Lions belong to the Cat Family:

Lions come from the Cat family and they are the second largest cat on the earth as the length of a lion can be up to 10 feet while length of a lioness can be up to 9 feet. The Siberian tiger are biggest cat on the earth with the length of up to 12 feet.

9- Very Vulnerable Animal:

Lion are very muscular and powerful animal in the jungle but still they are decreasing every year. Numbers of lion has been decreased up to 40% since last 30 years as per a report. Currently only Africa has the largest number of lions and beside Africa India is the only country to have lion.

10- Lions have learned to climb on tree:

photo by Fuschia Loe.

In some part of Africa lions have learned to climb on the tree. Actually it may be situational as to save themselves from the wild buffaloes group they started to climb on the tree. Generally lions are not able to climb on the tree properly because of their weight.

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10 Most Important/Surprising Facts about Lion:

1- Carnivores Animal: The lions are carnivorous animal. It belongs to Felid group of animal. Male are...