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10 Interesting Facts about Ukraine.

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1- Where is Ukraine Located?

Ukraine is an European country and situated in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country in the European continent after the Russia. Total area of the Ukraine is 6,03,628 Square Km. Ukraine shares its border with many countries like Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Hungry, Slovakia and Poland. Ukraine also shares its border with Sea of Azov and Black Sea. Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine.

2- Independence of Ukraine:

Before being an Independent country Ukraine was the part of Soviet Union. Ukraine got it’s independence in the year 1991 from Soviet Union and became a free country in eastern Europe. Ukraine declare itself as a free country on 24th August 1991. Leonid Kravchuk became the first President of Ukraine after Independence.

3- Land of Chernobyl Disaster:

Ukraine is the land of Chernobyl Disaster. It was the part of Soviet Union at the time of the disaster. Chernobyl disaster occurred on 26th April 1986. It was biggest disaster in the term of human casualties and money also. More than 8,00,000 people had been registered as affected from the radiation after Chernobyl disaster.

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4- Deepest Metro Station is in Ukraine:

Ukraine has a world record of having deepest Metro Station in the world. Arsenalna Metro Station in the capital city Kyiv is the deepest metro station with depth of more than 105 metres. The Station had been used as a bomb shelter during the Russian Invasion on Ukraine in the year 2022.

5- Poorest Country in European Continent:

Ukraine is the poorest European country. There was a time when this country has a good infrastructure and wealth. It was second largest economy till the separation from USSR. It’s infrastructure had ruined gradually and now Ukraine is the poorest among all the European countries.

6- National Costume of Ukraine:

National Costume of Ukraine has unique style and pattern. It attracts very much and this costume is known as Vyshyvanka. It is very well decorated floral dress which can be wear by men and women both. There is a well known belief about this costume that it protects the person who wear it.

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7- National Soup of the Ukraine:

Borscht is the national soup of the Ukraine. It is famous in few countries of the Europe. Ukraine is the origin place of Borscht. It is red in colour and made with beetroot. Borscht is sour in taste.

8- Trembita the Musical Instrument:

Ukraine owns one of the longest musical instrument of the world known as Trembita or Trombita. Generally this Trembita was used by the highlanders of Ukraine. It is also used for the announcement like death, weddings etc.

9- Bread Basket of the Europe:

Ukraine is emerging as the Bread Basket of Europe due to its fertile agricultural lands. Ukraine is the biggest exporter of Sunflower oil in the world. As per a report almost 25% of all the workers in Ukraine are involved in agriculture.

10- Biggest Airplane in the World:

Ukraine has biggest Airplane in the world named as ‘Antonov An-225 Mriya’. This was built during the 1980’s under Soviet Union. It can fly with a maximum weight of 640 tonnes and it is also heaviest aircraft ever built.

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