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10 Most Interesting Facts about Myanmar.

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1- Its Name:

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country. Myanmar is also known as Burma. Its official name is ‘Republic of the Union of Myanmar’. It was previously known as Burma and it is said that the name ‘Burma’ had derived from the ‘Brahma Desh’ which was named after Hindu God Brahma.

2- It’s Neighborhood Countries:

Myanmar Share its border with many countries like India, China, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh etc. Its border also touches the Bay of Bengal from the west and Andman Sea from the South.

3- Got Independence:

Myanmar was colonized by British government. After the Independence of India, Myanmar also got its freedom from the British government on 4th January 1948.

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4- Country of Coup d’etat:

Like other countries of the world Myanmar is also the country of Coup d’etat. After its independence, most of the time has spent under Coup d’etat ruling. First Coup d’etat was happened in 1962 for 49 years. Second Coup d’etat was again happened in the country on 1st February 2021. 

5- Facility of Internet:

Nowadays Internet has most important role in human beings daily life. The daily life in many countries may stop if there were any interruption in Internet connection. Without Internet a human beings life is nothing but Internet facility in Myanmar is very poor. No one can use internet in Myanmar freely. Everything is censored in Myanmar. Government can read your emails, your chats etc.

6- Water Festival (Thingyan):

Water Festival is one of the biggest festival of Myanmar. This festival is celebrated by the people of the country on the day of their new year. Generally it occurs in April month of every year as per Burmese Calendar. There is holiday on this day in whole Myanmar. People throw water on each other on this day.

7- Longyi is Popular Attire:

Longyi is the most popular attire in Myanmar. Both men and women of the country like to wear Longyi. Longyi is a 2 or 3 meter long piece of cloth in different colours. It is use to tie on the waist and cover the body parts below the waist.

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8- People love to eat tea:

People from almost all the countries of the world love to take the sip of tea but Burmese love to eat tea leaves with their food. They eat tea leaves as salad with their meals.

9- Buddhism is most popular religion:

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Buddhism is the most popular religion in Myanmar. 88% population of the country follow Buddhism. It is also known as the land of Pagoda.

10- The Golden Pagoda:

Shwedagon Pagoda at Yangon is the most famous and popular shrine for the Burmese in Myanmar. It is also known as ‘The Golden Pagoda’. According to the Burmese tradition story, it was constructed approximately 2500 years ago. It is very pious because as per their tradition it was built on the relics of God Buddha.

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