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10 Most Interesting/Surprising facts about Cow Dung.

1- From where it comes:

Cow Dung is the waste material defecated by Cow after having food.

2- It’s Colour:

At the time of defecation its colour looks dark green but after the reaction with air it changed into black.

3- Rich in Minerals:

As cow is a herbivore and eat only green grasses and plants in its food that’s why the cow dung is rich in minerals generally.

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4- Cow dung as Fertilizer:

Since long centuries, cow dung is used as fertilizer. Now day’s people who love organic farming are only using cow dung to make their crops harmless and healthier.

5- Cow dung as Fuel:

It is the best source of fuel in most of the developing countries. Dried cow dung used as the fuel for cooking food in many African and Asian countries like Rwanda, India, Pakistan etc.

6- To minimize the insects:

Fresh and dried cow dung is used as a medicine in some developing countries to minimize the effects of insects such as mosquitoes and bacteria’s. Fresh cow dung mixed in water is used to purify the ground.

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7- Most valuable in “The Hindu Pooja”:

Cow dung is the most important part of Pooja of The Hindu religion. Without cow dung a Pooja Ceremony cannot be completed. Just as salt is very important ingredient to make a food tasty like that Cow dung is very important to make a Pooja complete.

8- Beautiful design using cow dung:

In the African country Rawanda, women generally use cow dung to make beautiful designs on their home walls. As it help them in killing insects and also make their home beautiful. The design is known as Imigongo.

9- Cow dung in Biogas plants:

Cow dung is the main raw material for producing biogas and play very important role to run a Biogas Plant.

10- Available on E-Commerce Website:

After knowing the so many use of cow dung, many E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc are started selling cow dung cake online.

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10 Most Interesting/Surprising facts about Cow Dung.

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