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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about ‘The Statue of Liberty’.

Photo source: Wikipedia.

Location of the Statue:

The ‘Statue of Liberty’ is situated at Liberty Island of New York city, United States of America. It had been established here on 28th October 1886.

A gift from the France:

The ‘Statue of Liberty’ is a divine gift to the United States of America from the people of France. The Sculptor of the statue is ‘Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’.

The Statue contains:

The Statue had been made using Copper. The ‘Statue of Liberty’ has a torch in her right hand and a tablet (Tabula Ansata) in left hand which has written the date of freedom of United States of America July 4, 1776.

A message through Statue:

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The ‘Statue of Liberty’ showcasing a message to the people of world against slavery and exploitation. There are broken shackles and chains in her feet which shows that she is going forward against the slavery.

Fund Raising for the construction of the Statue:

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The statue had been constructed with money accumulated by fund raising. They sold the model of this statue, Exhibit the various parts of it in Paris world fair, they also sold tickets to show the construction process of the statue. 

Height of the Statue:

Height of the Copper statue is 151 feet &1 inch and the total height of the statue from the base is 305 feet & 1 inch (93 meters).

Way inside the Statute:

There is a way inside the ‘The Statue of Liberty’ to go to the head of the statue. If you want to go to the head of it then you have to walk more than 350 steps.

Replica of the Statue:

There are more than 100s of the replica of the statue worldwide. A smaller replica of this statue had been given to the city of Paris by the American Community of the France.

Depicted on the coins and stamps:

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The ‘Statue of Liberty’ has been depicted on the various coins and stamps of the United States of America.

World Heritage Site:

It has been declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1984.

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