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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about Horse.

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1- Horse has many Names:

Horses are known with many names. If a horse is male and not gelded then it is known as Stallion and a female horse is known as Mare. Young male horse is known as Colt while young female horse is known as fillies.

2- Very Active animal:

Horses are very active in nature. Young horse can run after few minutes or one hour of its birth.

3- Sleeping Situation of Horse:

Horses can take a good sleep at any situation either in standing mode or lying down on the floor.

4- Horses have 360 degree vision:

Horses are capable to watch 360 degree at a time as its eyes are on both the side of head.

5- Horses have Small Brain:

Horses are very strong animal with great power and stamina but they are very unlucky about brain. Unfortunately their brain size is just half of a human brain, although their memory is very sharp even more than an elephant.

6- Horse Hooves:

Hooves of the horses are made with same protein which is found in the Hairs and Nails of Human being.

7- Horse Life:

Generally lifecycle of a horse is up to 25 years but there was a horse in 19th century named ‘Old Billy’ lived for 62 years.

8- Horse taste:

Generally horses like to have sweet food and they try to ignore sour or bitter foods, although horses are herbivores.

9- Horses don’t like vomiting:

Unlike to human beings horses don’t vomit.

10- Water Lover:

Horses love to drink water in big amount. A horse drink 25 gallons of water in a day, it may increase in hotter environment.

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