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10 most interesting/surprising facts about Elephants:

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1- Largest Land animal:

Elephants are the largest land animal. ‘African Bush Elephants’ are tall up to 10 to 11 feet. The weight of and adult elephants are generally between 4-7 tons.

2- Types of Elephants:

There are three main species of the elephants exist on the earth- African Bush Elephants, African Forest Elephants and Asian Elephants.

3- Food Lover Animal:

As per its size elephants love to eat food so much. Generally elephants spend their most time of the day in eating food. Elephants indulge themselves 12 to 18 hours of the day in eating grass, vegetables, fruits etc.

4- Elephants Trunk:

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Elephants Trunk is very important for them. It contains 1,50,000 muscles. They used their trunk for smelling food, touching and lifting them. An elephant can lift up to 350 kg of weight with help of its trunk. Elephant’s trunk is multi-functioning organ of its body.

5- Elephant’s Tusk:

It is most beautiful part of Elephant’s body and most dangerous for them also. Elephants are being killed for their tusk in all the countries of the world. It may be up to 9-10 feet long. They use their tusk as teeth. Elephants can lift upto 80-100 kg of weight with their tusk.

6- Lifespan of Elephants:

Elephants can live upto 70 years. The gestation period of elephants are generally up to 22-24 months.

7- Daily Routine of Elephants:

Elephants sleep only for 3 to 4 hours in a day. They walk up to 10-20 kilometres in a day in search of food and water. Elephants consume 150 kg of food and 40-50 litre of water in a day.

8- Danger for Elephants:

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There are no any natural predator of Elephants. Only Human Beings are most dangerous for the elephants. They kill elephants for it’s Ivory Tusks. More than 20000 elephants are killed every year illegally for their tusks.

9- Very Social Animal:

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Elephants are very social animal. They love to live in the group. Generally female elephants like to live in the herd and lead their group. In a group there may be 10-20 members.

10- Communication between them:

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Elephants generally communicate with each other by touching. Sound of the elephants is known as trumpet. Elephants trumpet to showing its excitement, distress or anger.

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