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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about New Zealand.

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1- Country and Its Location:

New Zealand is an island country and situated in the east of Australia Continent. It has two main lands- North Island and South Island and beside theses there are more than 700 small islands.

2- Close to Antarctica:

New Zealand is the third country nearest to the Antarctica after South American country Chile and Argentina.

3- Capital of New Zealand:

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Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and it is the south most Capital of any country of the world.

4- Area & Population:

It is the 75th biggest country of the world with an area of 2,68,021 km Square and 120th country of the world in term of population.

5- Country of Sheep:

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New Zealand is the country of sheep. There are 10 sheep on each people and it is the main industry of the country.

6- Longest Town name in the world:

New Zealand has a town which is known only for its name because it is the biggest name of any town in the world. The name of the town is “Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu”.  

7- Official Language:

There are three official language of this country. English and Maori are the official language of the New Zealand and besides this, ‘Sign Language’ is also one of the official Language of the country.

8- Clearest Lake:

New Zealand has world’s clearest lake named Nelson’s blue Lake. Its visibility is more than 80 meters.

9- More animal than Human beings:

New Zealand is the country of animals and other creatures as only 5% human beings live there compare to the other animals of the island.

10- A bird as National Symbol:

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A Bird ‘Kiwi’ is the national symbol of the country and the people of New Zealand are also known as Kiwis.

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