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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about ‘The Pacific Ocean’.

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What is Pacific?

Largest and deepest ocean on the earth is known as Pacific Ocean. The word ‘Pacific’ means ‘Peaceful’. Ferdinand Magellan used to call this ocean as ‘Mar pacific’ which means a ‘Peaceful Ocean’.

Location of ‘The Pacific Ocean’:

The Pacific Ocean located from Southern Ocean to the Arctic Ocean and it touches the feet of Asia continent, Australian continent, North America Continent and South America continent.

Area of ‘The Pacific Ocean’:

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the earth and it covers an area of 16,52,50,000 Square Kilometre. It also covers more than 46% water surface of the earth and more than 32% land surface of the earth.

Deepest Point of the Earth:

The Pacific Ocean contains many deepest points of the earth. It contains three consecutive deepest points of the earth. The deepest point of the earth is ‘Challenger Deep’ (35,853 feet) which located in Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean.

Home of thousands of Islands:

The Pacific Ocean contains more than 25,000 islands. There are all types of islands in it.

It is shrinking:

Due to the movement of Tectonic Plates, the Pacific Ocean is shrinking 1 inch every year and contrary to it, Atlantic Ocean is increasing 1 inch every year.

Deepest Point:

Challenger Deep in Marian Trench of Pacific Ocean is the deepest point on the earth. Its depth is almost 11000 meters.

Home of the Volcanoes:

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More than 75% of Volcanoes of the world found around the Pacific Ocean. There is a ‘Ring of Fire’ around the Pacific Ocean that contains these volcanoes.

Biggest producer of fishes:

The Pacific Ocean is the largest producer of Fishes. It produces more than 60% fishes of the world as it shares border with the many of the continents and countries.

Home of Great Barrier Reef and Atolls:

The Pacific Ocean is the home of many Atolls and Great Barrier Reefs of the world.

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