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10 Interesting Facts about Menstruation.

1- What is Menstruation Cycle?

Menstruation is a monthly cycle which only occurs in females. If Menstruation cycle of a female gets start, its mean that female can produce a baby. Females has two ovaries in their body and that ovaries contains a number of tiny eggs. Their was also thick lining on the ovaries that built within a month and when this lining gets break then blood release through the vagina and the whole process is known as Menstruation Cycle.

2- When Menstruation start?

There is no any fix age for the proper starting of Menstruation. In some girls it starts at the age of 9 and in some girls it may start at the age of 15, its mean menstruation generally start between the age 9 to 15. In other word we can say that average age of menstruation is 12-15 years.

3- When it stop:

Menstruation is very important part of females life. It start in females in their early age but it is not a lifelong process. Generally the menstruation Cycle stop to occur at the age of 45 or later and this is known as menopause.

4- Average Gap between two periods:

Generally Menstruation time depends upon age. Young female experience it after 21 to 45 days while in adults it occurs after 21 to 31 days. Average gap between two Menstruations is 28 days.

5- Side Effect of Menstruation:

It is an important part of female’s life but simultaneously there are some side effect of it. Due to which almost 20% of all the women suffer a lot and they feel headache, Acne, tired etc during Menstruation.

6- Product to manage hygiene during Menstruation:

As it is the important part of life so there are few products in the market to make it easy to manage the hygiene during that period. Sanitary Napkin, Menstrual Cup, Reusable pads etc are used to maintain hygiene during Menstruation.

7- Tradition against Menstruation period:

Photo Source: Thelogicalindian.com

As everyone know that it cannot be eradicate from the life of female but still there are many tradition against women during the Menstruation period. Almost in all the religion of world, there are few rules and law to make distance from the female who currently going through the periods.

8- Religious law against Menstruation:

In Islam a women cannot touch the holy Quran, In Hinduism, a female cannot enter in the temple during the periods and in Judaism, there are fix laws for the women during the Menstruation.

9- Chhaupadi in Nepal:

There is a tradition against Menstruation in Nepal known as Chhaupadi. In this tradition, a Nepali women cannot participate in any regular activities during her periods. In other parts of the world, there are many culture like this.

10- Menstruation as a Celebration:

There are many countries in the world who celebrate the starting of Menstruation. They teach their daughters or sisters about the Menstruation and its importance. They celebrate it and organise feast.

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