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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about Rain.

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Wettest Place of the World:

Mawsynram (India) is the wettest place of the world. It receives highest rain fall throughout the year with an annual average of 11,872 millimetres.

Scent comes with Rain:

Earthy Scent attract us just after starting of the rain on dry soil is known as ‘Petrichor’.

Phantom Rain:

When the drops of rain unable to touch the ground in few parts of the world because of hot and dry air and it evaporates in the air is called as Phantom rain.

Fish Rain:

Yoro is a city in Honduras is famous for its Fish Rain. Every year Yoro receives heavy Fish Rain and it is still a mystery for scientist.

Types of Rain Clouds:

There are mainly three types of Clouds are Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus.

Acid Rain:

A term ‘Acid Rain’ used by Robert Augus Smith is contains Acidic drop of water with low pH value which may be harmful for plants, animals etc. Acid Rain happened due to the emissions of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide.

Driest Continent of the World:

Antarctica is the driest continent of the world. It receives lowest rain fall among all the continent of the world.

Highest Rain Fall Record:

Cherapunji holds the record of highest rain in the in a year from 1860-1861 with 26,470 millimitres.

Speed of Rain Drops:

Large rain drops can travel with the speed of 32 km/hr. while small rain drops only can travel with speed of 7.2 km/hr.

Water cycle:

Rain has very important role in the water cycle on the earth.

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