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10 Interesting facts about Mexico.

Mexican National Flag

1- Mexico is the 10th most populous and 13th biggest country of the world.

2- Mexico is situated in North America continent.

3- Mexico share its border to United States of America from north to south. It share its border with Guatemala and Belize from Southeast. It also share its border with Pacific ocean and Carribean Sea.

4-Mexican Peso is the official currency of Mexico.

5- Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is also the biggest city of Mexico.

6- Mexico got its independence on 16th September 1810 from Spain.

7- Mexico city is sinking 12 cm annually as it is built on a lake.

8- Official langauage of Mexico is Spanish.

9- Mexico has First Printing Shop, First University, First Library and First Public Park of America.

10- There are 186 museum in the Mexico City and it is on 2nd position after london.

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