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10 Interesting/Surprising Facts about Spain.

1- Country in South Western Europe:

National Flag of Spain (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Spain is a South Western European Country. It is formerly known as Kingdom of Spain. It is second biggest country in European continent after France with an area of 5,05,990 square kilometre. Madrid is the capital of Spain and it is also the largest city of Spain.

2- Nudity is legal:

If you want to roam nude but your country’s law doesn’t allow you to do so then you must visit Spain as Spain is the country where Nudity is legal. Although it is not legal in whole country but in some parts of Spain people live without cloth due to its hot environment. There are so many beaches in Spain where people enjoy their holidays lying nude. Tenerife, Almeria, Cadiz, Marbella are few beaches of them.

3- Country of World’s Oldest Restaurant:

World’s Oldest Restaurant: (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

If you are foodie and love to taste different cuisine then it may be the best place for you. Spain is the land of world’s oldest restaurant. “Sobrino De Botin” is the oldest continuous operating Restaurant of the world in the capital city Madrid. It was founded in 1725.

4- Spanish is the Second most spoken language:

Spanish is the official language of Spain and it is the world’s second most spoken mother tongue language after Mandarin as well as it is the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Mandarin and Hindi. More 500 million use this language in their daily life worldwide.

5- Cannabis is Legal in Spain:

Cannabis is legal in Spain to consume or cultivate with few restrictions. A person can not consume it publically and also can not cultivate to sell. Only it is allowed for personal use. There are more than 500 Cannabis club in Spain. They can cultivate and sell cannabis to its members.

6- Land of UNESCO Sites:

After Italy and China, it is the land of many UNESCO sites. It has 48 UNESCO Sites. Cathedral of our lady of Assumption, Alhambra, Generalife, Casa Mila are some of the Unesco sites of Spain.

7- Land of Kingdom:

King of Spain: Felipe VI (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Spain has democracy rule but simultaneously there is also a King of the country. It is other thing that the King of Spain has not more power in the Rules & Regulation of the Country. Currently Felipe VI is the King of Spain.

8- Festival of Tomato:

La Tomatina (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Spain is the land of many different amazing festivals including “La Tomatina”. People from all the countries of the world reach canary Island to celebrate the “La Tomatina” and throws tomato on each other.

9- Largest producer of Olive oil:

Spain is the largest producer of Olive oil. Spain produce Olive oil more than 35% of the world.

10- National Anthem of Spain:

National Anthem of Spain is very unique. It is known as “Marcha Real” but it hasn’t any lyrics that’s mean It is the national anthem without any words.

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